The National Infertility Support and Information Group (NISIG) is a registered charity, formed in 1996 by a small group experiencing infertility issues. There have been considerable changes in this area since then, and we now focus on four main areas:

1. Support: At the core of NISIG is giving support to those on their fertility journey. We do this via facilitated peer-to-peer support meetings, both in person and online. We also provide phone support and a live ‘webchat’ to people experiencing infertility issues. 

2. We provide resources to aid family conversations: we realise that families formed through fertility treatment can face some challenges such as telling children about their origins, so we are keen to offer services in this area. We run workshops and have a series of children’s books available.

3. Lobbying and advocacy: with legislation and regulation long promised in this area we are involved in regular advocacy activity to see this legislation brought to fruition and to ensure it represents the patient voice and reflects the need health needs of a modern Ireland. 

4. Information and awareness: We use our social media channels, produce a quarterly newsletter and regularly part take in media commentary to raise awareness around infertility. We also help companies who are looking to support colleagues and employees who are in the process of undergoing fertility treatment, to create HR polices that reflect the addtional needs for annual leave that may be required.

HSE - Fertility Information Booklet

Please find the link to the HSE’s Fertility Information Booklet here.

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