NISIG support group meetings are held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise, to offer support and information at every stage of your journey. All members and non members welcome.


Being a member of NISIG and attending our support group meetings gives you access to support at every stage of the journey and connection to others in a similar place.

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NISIG holds Family Conversations: Donor Talks February 3rd 2019 in Dublin

NISIG will hold Family Conversations: Donor Talks, a panel discussion around talking with your donor conceived children and other family members about donor conception. The event...

Circle Surrogacy to hold Private Consultations for intended parents on January 20th 2019 in Dublin

Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation will be holding private surrogacy consultations for intended parents on Sunday, 20th January 2019 in Dublin. To request a consultation, please...

NISIG Support Group Meeting in Limerick January 11 2019

NISIG will hold a General Support Group Meeting in Limerick from 8pm - 10pm on January 11th 2019. All welcome. Please contact NISIG for more details.

NISIG Surrogacy Support Meeting January 19 2019

NISIG will hold a Surrogacy Support Group Meeting on January 19th 2019 from 1pm - 3pm in Portlaoise. All welcome. Please contact NISIG for more details.

NISIG Donor Conception Support Meeting January 26 2019

NISIG will hold a Donor Conception Support Group Meeting on January 26th from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in Dublin. All welcome. Please contact NISIG for further details.

NISIG attends pre-legislative hearing on the General Scheme of the AHR Bill 2017

On December 19th, 2018, NISIG participated in a pre-legislative hearing on the General Scheme of the AHR Bill 2017, where much needed discussion, mostly around surrogacy and...

Institut Marquès launch the first national study of sperm in Ireland

Institut Marquès launch the first National Study of sperm in Ireland Under this slogan starts the first study on male fertility in Ireland, promoted by Institut Marquès. The...

NISIG Support Meetings Calendar Updated for 2019

NISIG facilitates support group meetings, nation-wide, in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise, offering support and information to those facing infertility and undergoing...

DCNI meeting and event dates for 2019

DCN Ireland (Donor Conception Network Ireland) have shared their 2019 meeting and event dates. There will be adult only meetings for parents and prospective parents of donor...

PKHL Solicitors to hold Surrogacy and Fertility Law Legal Advice Clinic 12th December in Cork

As part of their commitment to providing advice and guidance to those pursuing surrogacy and those with queries and concerns about fertility law, PKHL Solicitors are delighted to...


Support Meetings

It is very important that you contact NISIG if you wish to attend any meeting as venue and dates are subject to change.

Fertility Treatments

Most people should consult a doctor after a year of trying to conceive unsuccessfully. This is the main sign of infertility.


Being a member of NISIG gives you access to information and support at every stage of the journey.

National Infertility Support and Information Group

The National Infertility Support and Information Group, a voluntary organisation, was established in 1996 by a group of dedicated people who needed and wanted to be in contact with others who understood their grief.

NISIG Can Help

The grief that is infertility needs to be attended to. It needs to be understood and acknowledged. That is where NISIG can help.

NISIG Empowers People

NISIG empowers people to contemplate real choices to guide them through their infertility journey. NISIG offers a confidential listening ear. NISIG is non-judgemental and multi-denominational.

Support Meetings

Bi-monthly meetings are held throughout Ireland.


Your donation can enable us to support others who are facing reproductive challenges.

Infertility Can Be An Isolating and Lonely Experience

We attended several general support meetings and it was so helpful and reassuring for us to talk in a safe space with others also ‘in the trenches.’

I attended a support meeting not long after a miscarriage through treatment, feeling crushed and low, and found the gentle and compassionate support invaluable. It was also hugely beneficial to my husband as he encountered his own fertility diagnosis and was able to meet other men in similar situations with similar feelings.

The support of NISIG as we moved on to donor conception was key to our understanding and acceptance of this path – the facilitated donor support meetings contributed greatly.

I have formed a number of close friendships with couples I have met through NISIG and am grateful beyond words for these.

It was like a breath of fresh air amidst the suffocation that is infertility. Through the connections we made, we found the strength to keep trying and would not have our amazing family if it weren’t for the sense of support and community we found in NISIG.

I found the NISIG meetings very informative. It was good to hear other people’s experiences about clinics and what treatments worked and didn’t work for them.  It’s also a good place to share and connect with couples who are going thru the same process. A place to let go and be open and not be judged.

I liked how warm and authentic the afternoon was. This is an intangible quality. It really felt like a community – and this was only my first NISIG event!

It was a revelation and so normalising, to learn that ALL KINDS of families use donors, for all kinds of reasons.

To have somebody I can telephone anytime I feel low and need to chat with who understands what I am going through is overwhelming, thank you…

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