NISIG support meetings are held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise, to offer support and information on your journey. All members and non members welcome.


Being a member of NISIG and attending our meetings nearest to you will give you access to as much information as you wish about your specific medical condition.

Surrogacy Proposals and AHR Bill – opinion pieces

The proposed Assisted Human Reproduction Bill has generated much media comment and analysis. NISIG, with direction from its members, will respond to the Bill in due course. In...

NISIG Support Meeting Limerick Friday 12th January 2018

There will be a support meeting in Limerick at 8pm on Friday 12th January. All are welcome, whatever your journey! Please email us for more details.

2018 meeting dates now available

Meeting dates in Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Portlaoise to June 2018 are now available on the website - see support meetings page. Everyone is welcome at NISIG meetings, and if...

Government approves general scheme of Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017

The General Scheme of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill was approved by the Government on 3rd October 2017. In the Government's own words, the purpose of the Bill 'is to... Media Request – can you help?

NISIG has been contacted by a reporter with who would like to do a story about how the proposed laws around IVF would make it illegal for anyone over 47 to receive...

Support Meetings

It is very important that you contact NISIG if you wish to attend any meeting as venue and dates are subject to change.

Fertility Treatments

Most people should consult a doctor after a year of trying to conceive unsuccessfully. This is the main sign of infertility.


Being a member of NISIG gives you access to information about your specific medical condition.

National Infertility Support and Information Group

The National Infertility Support and Information Group, a voluntary organisation, was established in 1996 by a group of dedicated people who needed and wanted to be in contact with others who understood their grief.

NISIG Can Help

The grief that is infertility needs to be attended to. It needs to be understood and acknowledged. That is where NISIG can help.

NISIG Empowers People

NISIG empowers people to contemplate real choices to guide them through their infertility journey. NISIG offers a confidential listening ear. NISIG is non-judgemental and multi-denominational.

Support Meetings

Bi-monthly meetings are held throughout Ireland.


Your donation can enable us to support others who are facing reproductive challenges.

Infertility Can Be An Isolating and Lonely Experience

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