National Infertility Support and Information Group

National Infertility Support and Information Group

Radio Documentary - Womb Transplants - Can you help?

A freelance journalist doing a feature radio documentary, which will examine the topic of womb transplants. She is interested in speaking with a woman who's only options are surrogacy, adoption, or not to have children, to give a human aspect to the issue.  Any contributors can remain anonymous if they wish. Interviews will be conducted before Christmas, with the documentary…
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Infertility is a disease - article by Helen Browne on

Helen Browne, NISIG Chairperson, writes for on emotional trauma and the financial burden for those who are suffering from infertility in Ireland. See the full article here.
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Support Meetings 2016

Thank you to everyone who has attended a NISIG meeting in 2015. There will be no meetings in December 2015, and a full programme will start again in 2016. Full details will be posted here, or you can email to go on the mailing list.
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NISIG Family Get Together - A Great Success!

Thank you to all the families who joined us in Kildare on Saturday 10th October, to celebrate their families formed through fertility treatment, donor, surrogacy and adoption. A great time was held by all, and we hope to hold further family days in the future, so please keep in touch!  
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Why fertility treatment deserves State funding

Dr Mary Wingfield made a passionate call for state funding for IVF and IUI, in a recent Irish Times article. Read the whole story here -    
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The National Infertility Support and Information Group, a voluntary organisation, was established in 1996 by a group of dedicated people who needed and wanted to be in contact with others who understood their grief.


NISIG Can Help

The grief that is infertility needs to be attended to. It needs to be understood and acknowledged. That is where NISIG can help.

NISIG Empowers People

NISIG empowers people to contemplate real choices to guide them through their infertility journey. NISIG offers a confidential listening ear. NISIG is non-judgemental and multi-denominational.

Support Meetings

Bi-monthly meetings are held throughout Ireland.


Infertility Can Be An Isolating Experience

You Are Not Alone!

Your support can help us to support others – please consider making a donation