NISIG is very happy to have recently become a member of the National Women’s Council Ireland.

NWCI, with St. Patrick’s Mental Health Service, will hold a members and friends meeting to launch their report, ‘Out of Silence – Women’s Mental Health in their Own Words’ on Tuesday 6th November. The event will also be the first meeting of the Women’s Mental Health Network.

Speakers include: Louise McSharry, broadcaster and writer; Dr. Clodagh Dowling, Clinical Psychologist; Louise O’Leary, Advocacy Project Manager, St Patrick’s Mental Health Service; and Dr Cliona Loughnane, NWCI Women’s Health Coordinator

NWCI’s Report: Out of Silence – women’s mental health in their own words
In 2017/8, NWCI undertook a programme of conversations with groups of women across the country, centering on women’s understanding of mental health – the things that keep women well, the social and community networks that support them and the services they turn to in times of difficulty. The report recognises the benefits of listening to women’s experiences as a means to develop women-centred supports and services.

Women’s Mental Health Network
NWCI and St Patrick’s Mental Health Service have come together to develop a Women’s Mental Health Network for people and organisations with a committed interest in women’s mental health. The network aims to provide a forum for information-sharing and networking among interested parties, and to advance interdisciplinary and multi-agency collaboration to progress shared aims and goals in the promotion of women’s mental health.

To register for this free event, or for more information, please see

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