Families Through Surrogacy invite you to –


The Indian government has put a freeze on not only surrogacy for foreigners. Getting embryos out of India is also proving very difficult. Families Through Surrogacy and Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad are partnering to convince the Indian government that IPs with embryos in India should be able to use them. Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad have engaged Indian lawyers to mount a class action challenging this injustice. However it won’t be successful unless India knows you care. FTS Director Sam Everingham will be meeting Indian government officials and IVF industry leaders in Kochi, India on 13-14 August to lobby for the rights of foreign parents to use their embryos in India or to export them.

You can contribute to their efforts at https://www.gofundme.com/EmbryosMatter. Your contribution will allow them to fund lobbying efforts and legal representation.

Families Through Surrogacy also invite you to write direct to the Indian Health Minister Mr JP Nadda and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Email addresses and a letter template are available from NISIG.

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