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Countries and Clinics- What you need to be aware of:

Different countries and different clinics offer surrogacy programs to Irish couples, we set out hereunder some cautionary advice regarding details and information that an Irish couple need to be fully aware of before they proceed:-

1. The local legal requirements and legal procedures regarding the surrogacy in the country of birth

2. Whether there is an Irish Consulate or Irish Embassy in the country of birth or where the nearest Irish Consulate or Irish Embassy is

3. Whether your child is entitled to a passport from the country of birth which allows him/her travel home with you to Ireland or whether you need to apply to the Irish authorities for an emergency travel certificate

4. If you need to apply for an emergency travel certificate you will need written confirmation of the requirements and procedures that need to be followed from the Irish consulate/Irish embassy in the country that will be issuing the emergency travel certificate

5. Written confirmation from the clinic and the surrogate mother’s legal advisor that any affidavits and documentation that are required by the Irish Court as part of your court application will be provided.

6. Another tip is that you should ask the clinic to email you the details regarding their experience of working with Irish couples and also their understanding of the requirements of the Irish authorities and the Irish court procedure.

7. You should always seek legal advice and guidance from an Irish solicitor that has assisted Irish couples and can provide you with legal advice and guidance.


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