Donor Families

Why does NISIG support donor families?

NISIG does not just support you on your journey, but has a commitment to families formed after AHR. NISIG offers particular support to families formed through donor conception.

NISIG provides practical supports and opportunities for people to connect and share experiences.

Services for donor families

NISIG has a number of services for donor families:

Support meetings
NISIG offers support for you at all stages of your donor journey. You can attend the Donor Conception meetings, which are held bi-monthly, whether you are considering donor conception, on the journey or have already had children. See upcoming dates here

Family events
NISIG hold periodic events for donor families, to enable children to socialise together and the parents to meet and share experience. These events are on an ad hoc basis – contact the NISIG office if you would like to be kept updated.

We also keep members informed of externally organised events, such as family get togethers and training courses. Contact us for further details.

Family Conversations: Donor Talks
NISIG now offers workshops for parents – and parents to be – of donor children. Attendees can meet with parents, grandparents and adult children born from donor conception, for guidance on initiating conversations with their own children (and others).

Future dates will be posted here, or you can register your interest with the office.

‘I … really like how warm and authentic the afternoon was. This is an intangible quality. It really felt like a community – and this was my first NISIG event!’

‘…it was a revelation and so normalising to learn that ALL KINDS of families use donors, for all kinds of reasons’

‘I have to compliment NISIG on a fab day in Thurles last Sunday. Each and every one of your speakers was excellent and spoke about donor from a different perspective. Listening to … has confirmed what we knew from the moment the embryos went back – those babies are totally ours … Always grateful for your support through our journey from the darkest days to the light’


The NISIG newsletter has member reviews on books you might find useful for sharing with your children, or you can read some of them here:

The Pea that was Me: An Egg Donor Story 

The Pea that was Me: A Sperm Donation Storyclick for review

A Tiny Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life: An Egg Donor Storyclick for review

Tabitha and Timothy Grow a Flowerclick for review

Why I’m so Special – A book about Surrogacyclick for review

Our Story – a book about double donation and embryo donation

Some members have been kind enough to share their books with us, so that we can loan them to others. Check with the office to see what is available.

And please, send on your recommendations so that we can share them with our members!