NISIG has been contacted by a Masters student in the University of Roehampton who is researching the parent- child relationships of mothers who have conceived after IVF. Full details of the research are posted below. If you would like to make contact with the researcher, please contact the NISIG office and we will put you in touch:

I am studying a Masters at the University of Roehampton in London. My dissertation is looking into the parent-child relationships of mothers who have conceived children using IVF after fertility struggles.


This is an area that is under-researched and I feel could be understood more, particularly from the perspective of treatment providers. I feel passionate about improving the experiences of people undergoing IVF, to ensuring professionals and fertility specialists have more of a personal understanding and approach to IVF, and are constantly sensitive. This will be a really interesting research project, under the supervision of a world renowned lecturer.

The study:

-I am looking to interview 5 mothers who have had a child using IVF after experiencing fertility struggles.

-There is no criteria to participate apart from being a mother to a child born using IVF.

-It would be done over Skype at a convenient time for you.

-It would take about an hour.

-It will be completely confidential and anonymous (you will be under a fake name).

-The first section will involve questions around experience of fertility struggles and of the IVF process.

-The second section will be questions about what your child is like, your relationship with your child, your view of the parenting experience, how your experience of being parented may impact on your