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NISIG held its second Family Conversations: Donor Talks event in February and it was an amazing afternoon. There was such a high demand for seats that NISIG had to change venues to accommodate the number of people interested! There were 60 of us in total for the afternoon, twice what we had for the first event in 2017.

Special thanks to our speakers for sharing their experiences with donor conception. There was a donor conceived young adult, a single parent of a donor conceived child, a parent of donor conceived children via surrogacy and a grandparent on the panel. They all did a wonderful job discussing the topic of talking about donor conception. We heard about what it’s like to grow up with the knowledge of being donor conceived, and to parent (and grandparent) a donor conceived child.  

NISIG received an abundance of positive feedback on the afternoon, some of which is listed here.

Thank you so much… It was immensely helpful.         

As a solo mum, I love these meet-ups, because it’s so easy to imagine that women on their own are the only people who have used donor conception, and it’s just not the case at all. I love going to meet-ups with all types of families. 

I just want to say thank you so much for the event last Sunday. It was so well organised, and my husband and I benefitted greatly from it. It was such a supportive environment and on a personal level it alleviated many fears/anxieties that I have had.  We were very grateful to be there. 

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for yesterday’s talk. I found it so helpful to listen to everyone’s experiences… I feel so much better now and have a clearer plan in my head for how [we] can make things easier for them.

NISIG hopes to run another Family Conversations event later this year, so keep an eye on the website for updates and further details.