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An Invitation to Participate in Research

Couple Infertility: An exploration of the male partner’s lived experience of infertility and fertility treatment where a diagnosis of female partner infertility exists.

I wish to invite you to participate in a study I am conducting on the ‘Irish male partners lived experience of infertility and fertility treatment where a couple diagnosis of female partner infertility exists’.  This study will be part of my Masters study in psychotherapy at Dublin City University (DCU). 

Research on infertility and fertility treatment has predominately focused on women and couples, where the male experience is less well understood. There is a significant gap in research and literature on the male partner experience of infertility and fertility treatment.  The aim of this study is to illuminate and explore the male partner lived experience of infertility and fertility treatment,  the experience of unsuccessful fertility treatment, the effect on the partner relationship, social relationships,  mental wellbeing as well as explore support used and needed during this process.

This study has received ethical approval from Dublin City University (DCU).  To participate in this study, you must be male over 18 years of age, resident in the Republic of Ireland, in a heterosexual relationship where a diagnosis of female partner infertility exists, have undergone one or more fertility treatment and is currently undergoing fertility treatment or have undergone fertility treatment in the past three years.

Participants will be invited for an interview with myself. The interview will take place at DCU, or by telephone/skype for those who cannot attend DCU. Participation in this study is completely confidential and voluntary.

If you wish to learn more about this study, please contact me by email at catriona.oriordan26@mail.dcu.ie or by phone on 085 733 7021.  I will send you a Plain Language Statement, this form will provide you with additional information on this study.

I wish to thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Catriona O’Riordan,

email: catriona.oriordan26@mail.dcu.ie


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