What is NISIG’s Vision?

NISIG’s Vision is for those facing reproductive challenges to be supported, along with the families created through that support, in a society that is fully accepting of them.

What is NISIG’s Mission?

To provide practical supports to and advocate on behalf of those who experience reproductive challenges and their families. We provide opportunities for people to connect and share their experience.

What does NISIG do?

NISIG services currently include:
  • A support number which is available 24 hours a day, every day, for those in need.
  • Active sub groups to address the concerns and needs of donor conception and surrogacy parents and potential parents.
  • Support group meetings throughout Ireland. These are currently held in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise.
  • A quarterly newsletter which is distributed to members, fertility clinics and health and legal professionals.
  • Peer to peer support.
  • A dedicated website with up to 1000 visits per month.
  • Engagement with key opinion leaders and key clinicians to elicit active support for NISIG’s work, as well as the broader issues of lack of regulation and funding.
  • Engagement with the media, both print, radio and online, to highlight the issues for those coping with infertility, as well as informing them of the work and services of NISIG.

How is NISIG Governed?

NISIG members elect members of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting. The current committee members are: Chairperson: Marian Barnard Vice Chairperson: Bryan Hickson Secretary: Eimear Cole Treasurer: Helen Browne NISIG takes its commitment to good governance and transparency seriously, and is currently working with an external facilitator to develop a strategic plan for the future. NISIG is a registered charity number 12247 NISIG is registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority NISIG makes returns to the Lobbying Register NISIG is on the journey to adopt the Governance Code for Community and Voluntary Organisations in Ireland

Financial Reporting

All NISIG services are delivered by volunteers, with part time administrative support, thus ensuring any costs are kept as low as possible. NISIG’s latest accounts (2017) are available to view: NISIG Final Accounts 2017